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3 October 1987
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Hey there. This is a journal of a full time college student majoring in Clinical Laboratory Science at URI (commuter, 50+miles roundtrip, ugh!) who also works every weekday at the local county hospital's laboratory (hell yes, I LOVE my job!)... you can call it a pseudo-internship. ;D I basically learn more at my job hands-on than in school for my career, pfft. I am very fortunate to be both science-oriented (sans mathematics, barf) and highly creative thanks to my parents.

Want a little bit more info? Well I like to play on xbox live with my friends (ask for my live ID), fence, do yoga, exercise at the gym, learn new things (science or in general), stargaze, draw, sew cosplay/go to conventions, meet interesting people, listen to my eclectic taste of music, always be the first to be on top of things, etc etc. I do like fandom on occasion but I'd rather just enjoy the game/series. Oh and let me end with I'm not your typical 22 year old, I've seen things normal people my age have never experienced yet. Interpret that any way you like.

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