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So I'm trying to work on this essay for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and this plot bunny violently attacks me. TT_TT Or should I say, plot buusagi. XD

Anyways. To go along with the Valentine's Day mood (Isn't it too early? No, of course not!) here is a drabble I wrote. In truth, it really has nothing to do with warm fuzzies and love... that's what I intended. Yes I'm mean. I just needed an excuse to write. XD

WHAT! Ashley is writing something other than school work!? Did hell freeze over?

HAH! Well I remember what Matt told me earlier, that I should write more fanfiction. So. This is actually my first time writing a drabble (aren't drabbles suppose to be only 100 words? What, who told you that? XD Well think of mine as a double drabble...in a sense). Eehehe. If there's any errors, tell me, okaaaaay? ;p And if there's OOC, well... deal. 8D

January 8th, 2007 edit Oh wow, I'm lazy. I didn't correct the names until now. I previously had guessed Safil/Saphir and Nefly/Nephry's names 'cause when I wrote this drabble, I was playing the japanese version (yey mistranslations!). Anyway, yeah. Have fun reading? 8D [/edit]

Title: Dare
Word count: 200
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Theme: "Childhood love," or something to that extent. It's from 10 Dist themes. ^-^
Pairings: SaphirXNephry (one-sided; squint hard enough), PeonyXNephry, JadeXSaphir.
Warnings: Watch out for Saphir angst. XD Otherwise, nothing too bad. I don't think there's any spoilers?

The weather was actually quite calm in Kethelburg this afternoon. Fresh snow had settled down from the previous storm—perfect for playing in. Peony and the others decided to go outside.

I wish I could get Nephry’s attention like Peony can. I always secretly admired them. I have to admit, I am jealous… but more so lonely than jealous.

I sat on a bench watching the two from afar. They shared innocent kisses and held hands. Peony is a jerk, I thought bitterly, hogging Nephry all to himself.

Nephry is Jade’s sister—speaking of which, where is Jade? I haven’t seen him yet.

As if on cue, I then see Jade talking to Peony. When was he there? They exchange words, and I can see Peony’s face twist into amusement.

I wonder what they’re saying. I’m out of earshot.

Jade then walks to where I’m sitting. He leans over me, smiling as always. I can hear Peony’s ridiculous laughter in the distance. “Jade?” I croak uncertainly. And then it happens.

Jade was kissing me.

I could feel my face heating up. Jade…

He strolled away nonchalantly. Peony, through bouts of laughter managed to say, “I didn’t think you’d do it!”

I KNOW I KNOW. I'm so horrible~ fwehehe. Dist<33333333 XDXD
Tags: abyss, dist, drabble, fanfic, keterburgers
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