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The ORIGINAL Tales of the Abyss blog crew!

Yup, more proof of my procrastinating~ XD;; I've never done a blog crew before and I'm terribly into Abyss right now. SO! Introducing the brand new...
Tales of the Abyss blog crew!

For those who don't know what a blog crew is, you basically pick a character you'd like to be linked as (as long as it's not taken). When you're approved, you can then add the code below (in the box) to your LJ userinfo page. Remember: It's first come, first serve--so grab a character quickly! :P Of course, anyone can join. I get dibs on Dist though. Nyehe. XD;;

The code is here:

And it will look like this:
ORIGINAL Tales of the Abyss Blog Crew
[] Luke fon Fabre
[] Tear Grants
[] Jade Curtiss
[] Anise Tatlin
[] Guy Cecil
[] Natalia L. K. Lanvaldear
[] Mieu
[] Van Grants
[] Ion
[] Asch
[] Legretta
[] Arietta
[] Dist
[] Sync
[] Largo
[] Peony IX
[] Nephry
[] Nebilim
[] Florian
[] Yulia
[] Aslan Frings
[] Jozette Cecille
[] Rappig (Buusagi)
[] Noelle
[] Mary
[] Noir
[] Ginji
[] Tokunaga
[] Reiner
[] Cantabile
[♥] Grand Maestro Mohs
[♥] Character not listed?
Join the crew?

Comment here if you want a spot as a character... kekeke. Also, if there's a character you want that's not listed I can always add it~ I'll update the code when more people join. Thank you and good night. *3*

Edit Yes the blogcrew is still open and welcoming new people! 8D
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