June 4th, 2009

vesperia - yeager hallo!

Things! Saphir cosplay [1/???]


So I've been working slowly on a new cosplay (lol right after AB, I know, I'm crazy). Obviously, it's Saphir. I originally started it last summer, but I stopped it because I had something else to occupy my time. I also felt sad because I couldn't find anyone else who wanted to cosplay Keterburgers with me. D: Now, I at least have raine_sage81 as a child!Nephry, so I'm pretty much finishing up this half-sewn cosplay. 8Db

Where I left off was just making the base of the jacket. I picked it up and made his cute little sailor collar, it's all finished now. The cute short shorts are all set, too, and pleated like he has them. I'm currently working on putting the sleeves in (SLEEVE CAPS ARE THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE, AAAAARGH). I found a workable wig which I will have to style and cut once it comes in. I'm still in search for his god awful shoes... they're like antiques. I guess I'll have to look around very hard for them. Or modify something. XD

Very in-progress. Ignore all the pins down the front, I need to do something with shaping it later. :3

After Saphir is finished, I'm going to take a break and replay Vesperia (now that my Xbox is back!!), aiming to make a complete game (yay side quests!). *nod* Then, I'll start working on Yeager-- I know he won't be a quick costume, and LOL WISH ME LUCK WITH HIM. NO EYEBROWS, NO EYEBROWS AT ALL!

So yeah that's it for now. Tata.