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SAPHIR IS SUCH A DORK PT. 1 + something srs

Okay this is pretty much just a 3-second 4 koma, but... here ya go!

bad end. :O

In other late breaking news, I'm considering turning my journal to "friends only" because I don't want this pathetic, lazy creeper being able to read my journal any longer. It's unpleasant to the MAXXXXXXX and unfair. I've never ever ever EVER in any of my [long] years of livejournaling thought to turn "HUR HUR FRIENDS ONLY" but srsly, it's kinda getting gross now. Yush. I'm sure all my other readers who don't have a LJ will suffer but... c'mon, I HONESTLY don't want a certain nasty reading it any more. In the words of Yeager, "Time to say BYE BYE! CARESS OF DEATH!" :O

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Things! Saphir cosplay [1/???]


So I've been working slowly on a new cosplay (lol right after AB, I know, I'm crazy). Obviously, it's Saphir. I originally started it last summer, but I stopped it because I had something else to occupy my time. I also felt sad because I couldn't find anyone else who wanted to cosplay Keterburgers with me. D: Now, I at least have raine_sage81 as a child!Nephry, so I'm pretty much finishing up this half-sewn cosplay. 8Db

Where I left off was just making the base of the jacket. I picked it up and made his cute little sailor collar, it's all finished now. The cute short shorts are all set, too, and pleated like he has them. I'm currently working on putting the sleeves in (SLEEVE CAPS ARE THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE, AAAAARGH). I found a workable wig which I will have to style and cut once it comes in. I'm still in search for his god awful shoes... they're like antiques. I guess I'll have to look around very hard for them. Or modify something. XD

Very in-progress. Ignore all the pins down the front, I need to do something with shaping it later. :3

After Saphir is finished, I'm going to take a break and replay Vesperia (now that my Xbox is back!!), aiming to make a complete game (yay side quests!). *nod* Then, I'll start working on Yeager-- I know he won't be a quick costume, and LOL WISH ME LUCK WITH HIM. NO EYEBROWS, NO EYEBROWS AT ALL!

So yeah that's it for now. Tata.
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did our laughter, did our tears have some purpose afterall?

I've made a lot of friends... hi all you. I hope you enjoy my posts. :3 *waves* It's so nice to have friends.

I should open with something nice, hmm?

I'm very much into synthpop recently. It's so addicting, oh god.

I see you sometimes
as you sail the sky
you seem to be much closer now
the soothing voice of your heart
comforts me
it takes me away
from all this misery

under the sea of stars
maneuvering your ship of dreams
seeking everlasting joy
as you
remove all your scars...

a glimmer of hope
in our hearts and minds
contemplating who you are
the soothing voice of your heart
comforts me
It takes me away
from all this misery

*sighs happily*

So yeah, how about a real post nao? Shit's been going down for the past couple of days since I got back.

Let's see...

My sister got rushed to the ER a couple nights ago (didn't come home until sometime after midnight), and they couldn't find what was wrong with her. The shitass doctors were all OF COURSE WE HAVE TO TEST HER FOR MENINGITIS AND NOTHING ELSE NOPE BECAUSE LOOK, THESE SPOTS ALL OVER HER FACE MUUUUST MEAN SHE HAS MENINGITIS. Fuck that shit, it could be a multitude of things (RMSF anyone?). So yeah they just tested her for that, and that was it. Discharged and still no diagnosis nor conclusive results. Wtf. They refused to think it was from a tick, and did not do any sort of testing. Fuck that shit. I work in a lab, if I was there with her at the ER i'd bitch that lazy doctor(s) out. God, do you job right. What was it again? THOU SHALL DO NO HARM, right? hah.

Then she got almost deathly sick again TODAY, throat closed up and even had paralysis in one leg. Oh, she's 16 by the by. Wtf. Had severe chills, couldn't swallow anything / medicine / drink. Poor thing. She's recovering now though, because they did manage to find she had Strep...which is probably unrelated to the THING in the first paragraph.

Yep, I still hate doctors. Do your job right and stop being lazy. And yes I know what I'm talking about, I work at a hospital and deal with this crap quite often. Speaking of which...

My boss at the lab is leaving June 5th...that startled me, because I didn't think she'd leave. I thought she would be here for a long time. :O She's quite young though. I'm STILL in for my annual review that she has yet to write for me (like, 4 months late). Bah. I should be getting it soon, along with my raise. (: Yay moneys.

I has a new Clinical Lab Science buddy! For reelz! Her name is Ann and we're biffles. Okay, I wish. ANYWAY, she's such a big, cute dork. *pinch* (: TEE HEE. We talk and get so carried away, and sometimes I don't even notice until it's like, a half hour passed... oops. But I like talking to her. She may be taking a class with me next fall. *crosses fingers* ^___^

Hmmm...what else? I feel like I've been drawn closer into some sort of feasible identity hither or thither. No, I'm being vague on purpose. I'm happy with where I am now though. I like myself (like I usually do). (: I just wish my mother was here to see it, to see how I've grown.

Ah! I apparently found my twin, only in male form. (He'd punch me if he read that, heh). It's SO SURREAL how we both are similar in thinking capabilities/mind capacity. It's... odd, I can't really explain it well enough but he pretty much thinks like I do. XD He may be coming to hang out on this weekend depending on my schedule. He found my SN through the Anime Boston forums... >_>;;;

FANDOM durrr

I've been slowly starting up working on cosplay again. I'm finishing up my Saphir. :Db Pictures may come at a later date. I'm currently working on his jacket. Already have his shorts, lawl. Oh expect a 4koma later about his shorts...hahahaha, zwanhyrule already has an idea what that's going to be about. XD


My ps2 died recently. YES he one I just bought last summer. wtf. So I'm both PS2-less AND XBOX-less. Actually, speaking of which, my XBOX is coming to me tomorooowwwwww! <3 I just hope I'm there when the UPS man delivers, lawl.

Anything else?
I've been feeling awfully poetic lately. Waxing poetically. Mmm...

I guess I should close with something cryptic now. This is vaguely referencing to Jade and Dist as kids, and how they grew up and ultimately grew apart from each other because of that one fateful event...

did we toil in vain in hope
that wisdom came from what we'd done?

even lands we once called home
lie undiscovered and unknown
only heaven's silence for an answer...

are these not words of heresy?
a venom on my lips, a poison?
my spirit impurified
in everything I choose to say

if i would shed my skin, the layers left
but not the lessons learned
it would not undo what I have done
or grant forgiveness in some better days.
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Anime Boston 2009 epic post of awesomosity!

Okay first off, a warning: VERY IMAGE HEAVY POST, GUYS so uhhh yeah if you're on dial up, you're screwed. :O I HOPE THIS DOESN'T FREEZE ANYONE'S COMPY.


Collapse )

Next up is... Friday of the convention! Collapse )

Still Friday. NEXT WE HAD LITTLE MINI PHOTOSHOOTS AT THE SOUTH GARDEN. FUCK YES. This is the first time I saw them having the garden open, which made things 37348578743857x better for cosplay photos!

First up: Miku Hatsune by raine_sage81
Collapse )

Next up? Jr. from Xenosaga, by facklemuffin!

Collapse )

Next up...ME! As default!Dist, revamped. Tales time!

Collapse )

Collapse )

Next up: Saturday!
raine_sage81 as Estelle (Magical Maiden variant) from Tales of Vesperia
and facklemuffin as Guy Cecil from Tales of the Abyss

Collapse )

Collapse )

SUNDAYYY I was my epic Lab!Dist creation. >3 It was never in the anime or the game, but was my own idea. I CAN'T BELIEVE PEOPLE ACTUALLY RECOGNIZED MEEEEEEE. WHEEE. This made my whole CON!!! ♥ P.S. YES I didn't do my Disty brows this costume...I figured I could be pre-game, so pre-brows... lol.

Collapse )

SO LIKE, ANIME BOSTON 2009 WAS THE MOST EPIC CONVENTION YET, TALES INCLUDED. Thank you everyone for making it so fun and amazing! I found out that Troy Baker's an ass, there are many people who took my photo and loved my costumes, and there are also MANY MANY tales fans out there now (in retrospect to the first time I cosplayed Dist). OH AND SCREAMING INCANTATIONS WHILE GOING UP/DOWN ESCALATORS MADE EVERYTHING SO EPIC NO MATTER WHO I COSPLAYED, HAHAA! ^_^ Just...the con was...oh god, too awesome for mere words! <3 I met SO many people and made new friends and I AM IN LOVE WITH CONS ALL OVER AGAIN! WHOO! Sadly...I dunno if I'll be able to go next years AB since it'll be DURING my college semester. D: I'll try though. 8Db Oh and next year's Otakon I'm definitely going. ;)

Feel free to use these photos, save them, etc. Also if you are in some of these photos, please tell me so I can credit who is who. :3 Comment and tell me if you had a favorite picture, liked a certain something, or didn't want a photo posted, whatever. I aim to pleeeease. :]


P.S. "DO IT, LUKE!" or, "I'M GONNA GO NUTS!" ♥
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The most epic convention ever ... [+ something serious]

...will actually be posted about later, as I'm in horrible pain and am dead tired, lol. I have 300+ photos I need to sort through and whatnot.

For now, here, have a teaser. Mmmm, lab!Dist.

It's time for some serious business fonic experiments~! ♥

Unrelatedly. To more pressing topics...

On a serious note: My wrist feels like it's going to explode, guys, so if I don't respond to anyone- be it IM or email or whatever - it's because I am in HIDEOUS PAIN right now. Please keep this in mind. If it continues, I probably won't be online for a while (because HELLO I CAN'T USE MY ARM IF IT HURTS). ;;;; The tumor in my arm hurts very, very much. I've never had a tumor hurt this is a tad scary. Since it's in my arm - a very confined space - it's pressing against muscle and tissue and possibly a nerve-- if it gets larger, it can even block off bloody supply now. It's turned unbearable within the past week, especially today! ;;; I can barely function that arm and hand. Today I noticed I've been losing motor capability...I wasn't able to zip things up, or to open a box, or anything. It only hurts when I try using the muscle, so it must be something related to that. It's entirely too depressing to think about now. Oh, and it's my writing hand. Sucks, huh.

And I have not only one tumor, but two. I found a second lump directly inside my wrist...which leads me to believe that there's something very very wrong with my body. Right now, or forever. I don't know which is the case. Sorry to leave off this post on a depressing note, but it's clearly an issue that's out of my hands now. It's something I obviously can't ignore. I just wish for the best result...and soon. I don't want to be in pain. If it's something I can avoid, I would... but I'm sure it's just genetics kicking in.